when if not now...

12 July 1958
I have been living in the Prague, Capitol city in the middle of Europe...nice country!
I´ve been working in President´s Office from Velvet revolution and - despite of demanding factors of this job, I love it.
Twenty years ago I divorced, with two small children and two years ago I got married with 13 years dating with Jaroslav. He doesn´t only love LOTR and Elijah, he loves Pet Shop Boys and many from my hobbies. He is right my second half :-)
My English is not perfect but I strive to be better in this nice language so much...
(lotr books and history), authobiography, books(novels, bruce springsteen, coldplay, gardening and hiking., howard shore, music: a.dvorak, new order, pet shop boys, pink floyd, w.a.mozart